Tuesday, February 26, 2008

We're Here!!

Post by: Beth
Well, we have made it to St. Louis! Raja, Aidan, and I made the drive up Sunday and got here about 8pm. It took a little over 7 hours, and we are basically all settled into our temporary home in TownPlace Suites until our condo is ready this upcoming Saturday!

The drive went pretty well.. I was super excited to see snow on the ground as soon as we passed into Illinois! There are huge fields in Illinois that were just completely blanketed in snow.. VERY pretty. The trees were bare and the ground was white, and it definitely looked like a winter wonderland. There is still snow on the ground up here in St. Louis, but it's less tranquil-looking as we're in a pretty busy area with lots of restaurants, shops, and homes.

On a side note, let me stress to everyone the importance of having a GPS system if you're in a new area. Dad bought us one Saturday before we left for the trip, and it has been such a lifesaver for me. Yesterday, I just searched for the closest library, post office, and grocery store, and Jill (that's her name.. she's "Jill" - American female) led me straight to them w/out any problems. It was so great to be in a brand new place and have Jill telling me where to turn, how far to go, when to merge, etc. Fabulous.. you must have one if you're going anywhere new anytime soon.

So yesterday was just a few errands, trying out the gym here at the hotel, and cooking dinner for the first time as a wife! Our suite has a full kitchen in it so I'm getting to start practicing cooking a little bit. It actually went pretty well.. keep your fingers crossed it continues that way and no disasters occur too soon. ;)
Another high point of yesterday: I signed my new name for the first time ever! I never practiced before the wedding because I was scared I'd jinx myself, so yesterday was the first time. It's a tad underwhelming since I was only signing for a library card here in St. Charles County, but all the same.. first time ever! :)

Today's schedule is starting the thank-you card process from the wedding events, trying out the gym the hotel provides free passes to, tracking down a Target to buy Raja some new shoelaces since his are breaking in his work shoes, and then trying my hand at dinner again. Wish me luck! As a bonus, Kim Kardashian is on Regis & Kelly this morning.. can't wait for the new season of her show to start. Such mindless entertainment, but such a guilty pleasure. :)

And sorry for no pictures.. my camera's batteries are dead and my charger is buried somewhere in my trunk under all our belongings, so no pictures until at least Saturday. =( I know it's a bit boring w/out pictures, but I promise I'll take some as soon as I can.

Thanks for reading! I hope you're all doing well, and having good days and lots of fun. :)

P.S. - Raja is at work right now, but I'm sure he would send his love as well. :)

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Corey Nolen said...

hey beth,

glad you are starting a blog. i look forward to seeing everything you guys will be up to. i bet it's weird to be in a new place in limbo after your crazy whirlwind of events the last few weeks. glad you guys let us be a part of it and glad we'll get to keep up over the net.