Monday, February 18, 2008

Engagement Pictures

Post by: Beth & Raja
To start off the photos, we wanted to go back just a few weeks ago to our engagement photo session. Beth's cousin, Erin, took these photos off us downtown on Morris Avenue on a gorgeous Saturday while Raja was home for Christmas/New Years. Most of you have probably already seen this link, but we wanted to post it just in case. =) If anyone is curious (I've had several people ask me already), the song is by Matthew Perryman Jones and is called "Meghan's song." Sort of interesting.. it's actually a lullaby he wrote to help his wife sleep. We'd never heard the song before, but think Erin & her husband, Corey, picked the perfect song for this slideshow. It's hauntingly beautiful, and it's just another example of why Corey & Erin are so good at what they do.

If you want more info on Erin's photography, you can visit her website at . Corey is also joining her with the full-time photo gig as of lately, so you can check his stuff out at . (Just in time.. he did some GREAT shots of us before our Birmingham wedding reception -- We can't wait to see them all!) They also just did our wedding photography, and we will be posting those as we get them. Stay tuned for more photo updates.. =)

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Hershbine Family said...

hey guys! We are missing spending so much time with you guys as well. did not realize you had done this blog until I got your comment on mine! BTW... meant to call before you left, to say goodbye but I know you were busy and will be busy getting settled in for the next several days and weeks. Oh and I will email you the link to all of my pictures because after I review the blogger slideshow... I did not really like them... they are all so much better individually (albeit obvious they are not as good as Corey and Erin's) I will prbably not do another one of those slide shows. I will probably just do the rest in individual pictures. If you have a new email address send it to me. Also, Alex starts soccer in the next couple of weeks and I will miss you sitting beside me at the games, Beth! Love ya'll