Saturday, March 1, 2008

Poor Aidan...

Post by: Beth
As some of you know, my poor kitty, Aidan, has had a pretty hard time adjusting to the new place here.. He's always been a bit skittish and was very used to being in my apartment all the time, and it being just me there with him most of the time. Since we've been in the hotel here, he's spent a lot of time hiding under the bed and slowly ventures out by mid-afternoon usually. He's been doing a lot better the past couple of days though.. He's come out from the bedroom earlier and been staying out longer. When housekeeping comes in it usually sets him back a bit and he'll go hide for another hour or so, but he's definitely been adjusting better and getting a bit braver. We went and bought him a toy and have been using that to lure him out and get him to stay out a while and become more comfortable w/the surroundings. I noticed this morning he was doing a LOT better.. He came out of the bedroom when I did and walked around alot and seemed to be much more at ease. When I left late-morning to run errands, he was still out and playing around. When I came back in, I was curious to see if he'd still be out playing, or if he'd be hiding again. I didn't see him when I walked in, so immediately went to the bedroom to get him to come out from under the bed. He wasn't under there, so I checked under the other bed. No Aidan there either.. I checked in all his hiding spots and couldn't find him anywhere. I called Raja at work to tell him, and he said to alert the front desk just in case, but he was sure he'd just found a new hiding place somewhere, and to keep looking in all of the rooms and not panic. I called the front desk to let them know and they assured me housekeeping hadn't made it to the top floor yet so no one should have opened the door. So I moved furniture away from the walls, took everything out of the closets, opened all the cabinets where he likes to hide.. still no Aidan! I'm past panic-mode at this point, as he's obviously not ANYWHERE in the rooms. Not knowing what else to do, I go to check out in the hallway to see if he'd somehow gotten out when I left the rooms earlier or came back in after my errands. There's only one open doorway in our hall, and that's the "Trash" room that's connected to the "Linens" area. I went down there to see if was there, and I found him huddled behind the huge trash can in the room! The poor thing must have gotten so brave he wanted to see what ELSE was in the hotel besides just our rooms here, and darted out either when I left or when I came back. He meowed as soon as he saw me and I carried him back to our rooms, where he ran straight back under the bed. I guess he learned his lesson about being too brave. I was so happy to see him and so glad I found him before he got too far away!

Tomorrow, we move into our condo about 30 mins away, so he has one last adjustment period to go through.. Keep your fingers crossed he does okay with this next little move!


Hershbine Family said...

poor aidan is right!!! but poor Beth too!! I can just see you and your calm but panicked state! I am so glad you found him and I hope he gets brave again just not stupid!! I love that cat, as finicky as he is! cant wait to hear about the new place. and how he does there.

A. Writer said...

Hi Beth!

Poor Aidan! I'm so glad you found him. I hated when my cats went missing - I would always think I'd never see them again. I would be out my mind with panic!

Hope the move to the Condo goes okay for the three of you!

Rosie xx