Monday, March 3, 2008

Post on our blooooog!

Post by: Raja

Hello everyone! This has been a very eventful week. I completed my first week at CitiMortgage and we made a series of moves. We moved from AL to St. Louis, from our car to a hotel, from a hotel back to our car, then finally, from our car into our new condo. The condo is perfect! For me, it has a 50 inch plasma TV, whole house audio system, and a pool table and for Beth it has pretty furnishings (hardwood floors, leather furniture, and granite counter tops), a wine refrigerator/chiller, and plenty of room for Aidan to explore. It’s also really close to a lot of fun things in St. Louis and we’re excited to get out and explore the city.

In addition to the move today, I got the opportunity to watch one of the best Carolina wins I’ve seen all season. Sure we pulled out some close ones early in the season and beat other teams by 30+ this season, but yesterday’s win against Boston College was the first time all season I have REALLY felt that UNC could win the national title. To go on the road and win by 10, against a team that was playing its best basketball of the season (BC was up 18 at one point and Tyrese Rice eclipsed his career high in the first half), really shows me that this team has the mental and physical skill and toughness to win 6 quality games in the tournament. It was a great win and I’m more excited than ever for this coming Saturday’s match up with Duke.

Work is generally going pretty well and I’m enjoying it so far. It is a really interesting time to be working in finance in the mortgage industry and with all of the consolidations and companies going under due to the credit crunch, I should be able to really get a handle on the nuts and bolts of the industry. My major project for the 6 months while I am in here is going to be taking the lead on integrating the finance departments of Citi Home Equity (Citi’s second mortgage business) and CitiMortgage Originations (Citi’s first mortgage business). Second mortgages are in a major slump right now, so by integrating these two companies, hopefully, we can cut back on some expenses and mitigate some of our loses. I’ll keep you all updated on how it is going as the project moves forward.

Finally, I would like to congratulate myself on my first blog posting. After many night of saying “I will do it later,” I finally acquiesced to Beth’s requests and added to our blog. It wasn’t actually that bad and maybe I won’t hear the title of my post again until next Sunday.

That’s it for now!

*Beth said to let everyone know that Aidan is adjusting much better here than he did at the hotel. He seems to be doing just fine.

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