Saturday, July 25, 2009

"There was a star danced, and under that was {she} born." - William Shakespeare

Post by: Raja
Surprise - I am back for another blog post! Today is Beth's birthday so I thought I'd post a little something on the blog to 1) give her a little break from all the blogging she's done lately 2) wish her a happy birthday via the interweb (I already did it in person...two is better than one, right?) and 3) update all of our (her) readers about what we have planned for this weekend. Also, this post better prompt some comments to wish Beth a Happy Birthday...I've been disappointed with the lack of comments from our readers....although... I've also been disappointed with my lack of posts for our readers. Let's just all make a clean start today, ok?

First, the birthday celebrations. We were planning to go away to the Philippines for the weekend, but some last minute work stuff came up and we weren't able to go (hopefully we can still plan the trip for another weekend). In lieu of a fun-filled weekend at the beach, Beth decided that she'd like to take advantage of some of the great restaurants and nightlife that HK has to offer and share the experience with some of our close friends here in HK. We're going to go to a restaurant called Isola first which is located in the IFC building in Central. It is an Itallian restaurant and is supposed to be reeaally good and have some stunning views of the HK harbour. You can check it out here. I'll post some pics and some comments about the place tomorrow (I's the gift that keeps on giving!).

After dinner, Beth's Birthday Entourage will be heading to Lan Kwai Fong to go guessed it... Hotel LKF (for our less astute readers: LKF = Lan Kwai Fong)! Specifically, we'll be going to the rooftop bar, Azure. We came here once before and Beth really liked it - it has good music, places to dance and places to sit, and best of all (for her) they serve Chocolate Martinis just like we used to get from our good friend Andrea at Pepper Lounge in STL (side note...If you ever go to STL, you should visit Pepper Lounge in downtown - great place). You can check out Azure here.

Sunday brings us to maybe the most exciting part of the birthday weekend. For Beth's birthday, she decided that she wanted to get a new handbag. Who am I to stand in the way? She's been looking for a handbag for quite a while, and unfortunately, she just hasn't been able to find one that she absolutely loved. Actually, I take that back. She did find one she loved, but the price tag and my Visa card weren't playing nice so we had to leave one behind...the handbag got the boot. Instead of continuing to look for the perfect handbag, we decided to make the perfect handbag come to us! There is a little store that we ran across a while back called "Zee's Leather" in TST that makes custom handbags and shoes, so we're going to pay them a visit and see if they can make Beth's dream bag. I bet they can and I bet that will make Beth very happy. Score one for Husbands who find and deliver the perfect gift!

Well, those are the big things happening this weekend for Beth's birthday. I hope she likes it and I hope all of you enjoyed hearing about it. Like I said, I'll make some follow-up posts so you can see exactly how the food was at Isola, what kind of place Azure really is, and whether Mr. Zee is actually able to put together the perfect handbag. I's a cliffhanger.

P.S. Since this post is largely a preview of the weekend's activities, I don't have any great pictures to post. Instead, and in an attempt not to make this post boring and just all text, you get random pictures of things the Beth and I like. Enjoy!


Rhett and Jana said...


Beth + Raja Gupta said...

Thank you, Jana! :) And Raja will be so happy someone commented on a blog post he did. See, you've made us BOTH happy today! :)

Rhonda Walker said...

Happy Birthday! I hate we didn't get to celebrate it together but it sounds like Raja had it all planned out for a perfect weekend. I think he's a keeper! =) I do hope y'all had fun. And did you find a purse or get those people to make you one? Can't wait to hear the details. I love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Okay, Beth, you can keep this one. *laughs*

No no, seriously, sounds like you will have (and had, I got your email) great time. Can't wait for the pictures!


p.s. What was the handbag that the Visa didn't like?

Beth + Raja Gupta said...

We DID have a good time.. It was a very fun birthday this year. I'll email you about the handbag, ii. :) xoxo

Laura said...

LOL!! I LOVED Raja's blog! And since he called out those of us who do not comment often, I am commenting. :P

Beth, I want to know what the handbag looks like, too!!

Love you both!