Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Update on our next move....

Post by: Beth

We're in the process of moving from Singapore to Hong Kong, which signals the final 6-month rotation period for Raja's job. So far, we've rotated through Manhattan, St. Louis, Bombay, and most recently, Singapore.

Singapore has been great.. It's given me a totally different perspective than India lent, which is one of the cool things about all this moving around. India was crazy, hectic, dirty, and really challenging. Singapore is calm, quiet, extremely clean, and a REALLY easy lifestyle. There's good to both, really.. Singapore is so simple and I get around so easily by myself and everyone speaks English so the days and nights are easy and fun. India was a lot tougher, but I feel like I really stretched myself and learned so much from the place and its people. I've gone from one extreme to the other, and both are good experiences. I survived in both, that's what's important!! Haha!

From what we can tell about Hong Kong, it should lie somewhere in between the two, as far as lifestyle and environment goes. A lot busier than Singapore, but probably not as chaotic as India. There will be much fewer English-speakers than are here in Singapore, but probably still enough to get by without any MAJOR problems, due to it being a fully-developed nation with a lot of influences from the West, along with a strong ex-pat presence. We also know a few people already located in Hong Kong, so that will be quite a change from our experiences in India and Singapore, where we initally knew no one. All in all, we've done about as much research as we can, and the only thing left to do in Hong Kong is to live it and find out for ourselves what's ahead.