Tuesday, May 5, 2009

"It is so small a thing to have enjoyed the sun?" -Matthew Arnold

Post by: Beth

Our last weekend in Singapore was jam-packed with fun things we wanted to do before we left... Here are some pics from the highlight of our weekend: a trip to Sentosa Beach. :)

We took a tram over from a mall to Sentosa. Along the way, out the windows, we could see strings of cable cars that also take people to Sentosa... Each of these little dots on the line is a cable car carrying passengers across the water.

After a 30 minute tram-ride, we're in Sentosa! You can see the yellow tram below, ready to take passengers back to the city.

The merlion is a well-known icon of Singapore. It's an imaginary creature with the head of a lion and the body of a fish. Its name combines "mer" (meaning the "sea") and "lion." The fish body comes from Singapore's ancient name back when it was a fishing village — Temasek — meaning "sea town" in Javanese. The lion head represents Singapore's original name — Singapura — meaning "lion city" or "kota singa" in Sanskrit and Malay.

We spent a few hours at a restaurant patio on the beach, and then headed back to the tram to ride back to the city. Here's Sentosa at night, just before we left:

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