Sunday, April 5, 2009

Restaurant Review: Coffee Club

Post by: Beth & Raja

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Coffee Club
#01-18, 3B River Valley Road S(179021), Clarke Quay
Tel: 6336 5663

We visited the Coffee Club for lunch on a rainy day... Since the Clarke Quay area (just an area that has lots of restaurants/lounges/pubs/etc near the Riverwalk) is covered with huge white round screens, it's an area you can still eat outside in, even in inclement weather. You can dine inside as well. The restaurant serves wine & beer... not sure about liquor as we didn't really check.

Our order:
Raja: Fiery Garlic Prawn Pasta
Beth: Alfredo Pasta

The dishes here were okay... Beth's alfredo pasta (served with ham and mushrooms) had a baked cheese layer on top which she pretty much pulled away, but that's only because she doesn't usually like baked cheese layers anyway. It lacked flavor for the most part. Raja's prawn pasta was advertised as "fiery," so there was a little spice, but still couldn't really call it "fiery." What flavor WAS there tasted fairly artificial. So if the rest of the dishes are about the same, you can expect either little to no flavor, or artificial flavor.

Service was fine... Nothing to write home about, but there's really nothing negative to say. We ordered, they brought our food, we asked for a side of bread, they brought our bread. Our water glasses did stay filled throughout the meal, so that's a plus. All pretty cut and dry for the most part, but at least our orders were correct, served pretty promptly, and our requests were delivered upon.

Our verdict: We probably won't be back here for a meal. We MAY come back to try some of the coffee drinks and desserts, as their menus for both of these sections looked extensive and yummy. But we'll be eating our meals somewhere else. As Raja said "We should have gone back to Antonio and just ordered another of his pizzas."

Our Rating: 6/10

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