Sunday, April 5, 2009

Restaurant Review: Bella Pizza

Post by: Beth & Raja

So we've decided to do something a bit new on the blog, in addition to the regular posts. One of our favorite things to do in a new city is try out some of the new restaurants and cuisines. We throw diets to the wayside, agree to eat things we never thought we'd try, and ask a lot of questions (i.e. Raja: "How do you actually eat a fish head?"). We always make it a point to take pictures of the restaurants and the dishes, since it's a major part of our experience each time we move. So we've decided to post a mini-review here and there of some of the restaurants. This way, if anyone we know ends up visiting any of these places we spend time in, they'll have a couple of restaurant recommendations and also a couple to stay away from. (Plus, it's just fun for us, but we prefer to seem chivalrous and helpful, rather than self-indulgent. :) ) We are NOT food connoisseurs, and don't know jack about how a restaurant should be run, how many minutes should lapse between courses, etc... But we have a good time trying out the restaurants, and have our own little things we do and don't like when eating out. If it helps anyone that's traveling at any point, all the better. :)

First up...

Bella Pizza
30 Robertson Quay #01-14 Riverside View
Tel: 6734 0139

This small Italian restaurant located at the river's edge serves up pizzas, pastas, appetizers, and desserts in an exposed-kitchen setting. There's seating available both inside and outside, and liquor, wine, & beer are all available.

Our order:
Bruschetta appetizer
Pizza - mushrooms, Parma ham, and mozzarella cheese
1 glass of Chardonnay, 1 glass of Pinot Grigio

Our opinions:
The bruschetta was wonderful... It was served on piping-hot bread that was slightly crunchy in the middle and crispy around the edges, and the tomato topping tasted fresh and flavorful. (Forgive us.. We didn't have plans at the time of doing little reviews on our blog, so we didn't pay much attention to what went into the topping. Next time, we'll pay closer attention and give you more detailed facts.)

The pizza was equally as good... It was served immediately after we finished our appetizer, and had a good covering of Parma ham and mushrooms. The sauce was just right -- not bland, and not overpowering, as the ham, cheese, and mushrooms carried lots of flavor and it would have been a shame to have the sauce be competing with the yummy meats and cheese. The size was perfect for us to share since we'd ordered an appetizer to share first.

Service was REALLY fast and the waiters were nice and helpful. The owner, Antonio, even stopped by our table to ask us how our food was and if it was our first time in the restaurant. He was very personable and seemed genuinely interested in ensuring his patrons were having a good experience. He even personally dropped off a couple of complimentary after-dinner treats to our table, plus happily posed for a photo for Beth.

Final verdict: The food here is definitely good enough to stand alone, but the service and personal touch provided by the owner & staff made it even better. We hate to start repeating at restaurants so early in the game here, but we can safely say we'll definitely go back to Bella Pizza, and it'll be a battle over whether to order the same dishes and risk missing out on something new, or ordering something new and missing out on the dishes we loved so much the first time.

Our Rating: 10/10 (This simply means there's really nothing missing, and nothing we would have changed.)

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