Saturday, May 24, 2008

How many words is a video worth?

Post by: Raja

We just downloaded the rest of the pictures from the Derby on to the computer and came across this great video actually taken during the Kentucky Derby race. The video shows the horses coming around turn 4 and then down the front stretch to the finish line. Listen for me providing a play by play to Beth and Beth screaming (literally)"My horse won! My horse won!" It's pretty funny and also will give you a great sense of the excitement in the stands during the race.

P.S. Big Brown (the winner of the race) is horse number 20 and is wearing the red saddlecloth in the video.

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Hershbine Family said...

this is so cool... makes me want to experience it even more! saw your mom and dad today, beth... at home depot... your mom said she is finally getting to redo her house! woo hoo!