Monday, August 17, 2009

"A vacation is having nothing to do and all day to do it in." -Robert Orben

Post by: Beth

Two weekends ago, we got the opportunity to take a long weekend and we decided to spend it in the Philippines. We'd never traveled to the Philippines before, so armed with 3 days and a desire to relax on an island, we planned our flights to Mactan Island, located a few kilometers from the island of Cebu.

We planned to spend the days on Mactan Island, and the evenings across the bridge in Cebu, so our days were spent relaxing and the evenings were centered around the nightlife Cebu offers. Our pictures pretty much reflect that, so best to just put those up and let that be that. :)

We spent a LOT of time just laying out and reading.. very relaxing. :)

The first night, we went to a restaurant called "Abaca" for dinner.

The next night, we went back into Cebu to eat at a restaurant called "Olio," and we stopped into "Maya" first for a drink. We ended up with a tequila tasting.. We had no idea these even existed so we saw it on the menu and jumped on it. Lots of fun! :)

All in all, a great weekend for relaxing, fun nights out, and letting Raja have a break from work. We hope you enjoyed the pictures... Thanks for reading! :)


Rhonda Walker said...

Great pics. Looks like a fun place to be. Glad you had fun.

Rebecca said...

How did you create your signature? It looks sooo cute! What font is it?

Beth + Raja Gupta said...


I'm going to leave you a comment on your blog with the details.. That way you'll always be able to find it easily. :) Thanks so much for the comment!

Jenny said...

Tequila tasting huh? One and I'd be done!