Monday, April 20, 2009

Restaurant Review : Billy Bomber's Classic

Post by: Beth

Billy Bombers Classic (The Central)
6 Eu Tong Sen Street
#02-78 The Central @ Clarke Quay

In a word.. well, two words.. "Not Good."

We picked this place in a bout of American nostalgia.. Think Johnny Rocket's, but in Asia. Diner-style, primary colors, old rock memorabilia, quarter-slot jukeboxes on the tables, and classic oldies (Elvis, Buddy Holly, etc) playing over the speakers (including a rousing rendition of... "Jesus Loves the Little Children"... ? Makes no sense, but we sang along anyway, despite blatant discrimination made evident by the lack of "brown children" in the song. I took offense as this dawned on me, as my husband is neither red, yellow, black, OR white. But I digress.)

We scoured the menu, and should have gone with the obvious, traditional choice: hamburgers. But as most of you have probably noticed by looking at us, Raja and I aren't the go-to's for picking the "traditional, obvious" choice. Usually it works out for us... usually.

Our order:

Raja decided on a philly cheesesteak sandwich, and I, in a surprising twist, picked their "famous Buffalo wings." In a not-so-surprising twist, that was a mistake.

Raja got along okay with his philly cheesesteak sandwich.. It came topped with mushrooms and onions, and fries were served alongside. He shrugged and said "It's okay considering I'm about as far away from Philadelphia as I could get." The fries were bland and flavor-less, quite the disappointment from an American-style diner.

I hated my "famous" chicken wings... Raja hated them more. The menu touted them as "marinated with cayenne pepper and vinegar," and I was allowed the freedom to pick between a hot or tangy sauce (woo-hoo). I picked the tangy sauce, hoping to balance out all that "cayenne pepper" I was expecting. Upon first taste, I chalked it up to a fairly-awful Chinese sweet-and-sour chicken dish. With bones. Raja pronounced it the worst thing he's had since arriving in Singapore.

The service at the restaurant wasn't fabulous, either. They did the bare minimum.. no asking us "Is there anything else you need? How is everything?" or any of those niceties. No sir. And despite my huge plate of saucy "famous" buffalo wings, they didn't provide any napkins other than the one that came with the place setting. I had to reach over and snag a napkin from the table next to us.. I guess they spied that maneuver, since more napkins were delivered to me about 1 minute later.

Overall, not a great experience, and not one I'd recommend. The only reason we would maybe venture back in Billy Bomber's is to try the hamburgers and shakes. And that's only a shaky "maybe."

Our Rating: 4/10


Jenny said...

It doesn't even look appetizing...yuck! Well, good luck with the next place!

Beth + Raja Gupta said...

Thanks!.. It can't get worse, surely! ;)

Big Cuz said...

Okay... Maybe you should have paid closer attention to the name of the place. It says right there... that it's a BOMB! LOL! ;0)

Lil Little Cuz, says:
It's a restaraunt what do you expect? (when asked what she meant by that she said, "I have no clue" ... go figure) I hope you are having fun. I want you to visit me some more! you are nice to me. I hope we can make another picture book together.

Talk to you soon!
Big Cuz and Lil Little Cuz

Beth + Raja Gupta said...

Haha.. I'm going to keep Alex's advice in mind next time.. "It's a restaurant, what do you expect?!" Hahah ;) Very handy!

I hope to visit you again soon, Alex! I will DEFINITELY make another picture book with you. Can mine be really shiny, please?

Stacie said...

i went there too!! it is in a mall right? yeah, it sucked. they were supposed to have wi fi or the mall was...that did not work either.

Beth + Raja Gupta said...

hah.. yes! That's the one, Stacie! Sorry to hear you experience wasn't any better than ours.