Monday, January 26, 2009

Post by: Beth

Just a few quick pics from our arrival into Dubai.

The Dubai airport is pristine.. It's much different from any airport I've been in before... Everything is white, shiny, and sparkly. It's also strangely quiet in the terminals and baggage areas; we found ourselves whispering and so as not to disturb the peace. The baggage belts are soundless... the luggage carts glide smoothly and noiselessly across the floor... and the security points are quick and efficient. It was quite a change from the cacophony that is Bombay's airport! ;)

Below are some pictures from our hotel, which is positioned in the new area of Dubai. There are new hotels everywhere and there are so many new buildings being constructed. We were conveniently located across the street from "The Dubai Mall," and right in the middle of many restaurants and area attractions.

Below are some pictures from the pool area at the hotel, and the view surrounding the pools.

Since our 1-year anniversary is only about a week away, we used this trip to celebrate that. It's a tiny bit early, but a holiday Monday meant an off-day for Raja, plus the Dubai Shopping Festival is going on now. Raja had a couple surprises arranged for the trip, starting with a cake and fruit basket delivered to our room on our first night. Yummy!

More to come soon from our Dubai trip... :) Hope everyone is well!


The Freeman Family said...

There you go posting food pics again! =) Why are ya'll in Dubai? And have you seen the islands that look like the continents and that fancy hotel? A dumb question here that I could Google but is Dubai in India?

Have fun.

Big Cuz said...

OH WOW!! Everything is so pretty! Can you believe that it has already been a year that yall have been married. Erin and I were just talking about how we wish we were back on that cruise right now. I need another trip like that. look forward to more posts about the trip.
Love ya

Rhonda Walker said...

wow this is really a beautiful place. nice job! oh and i have told you before yeah he's a keeper. glad y'all are having fun. love you guys

Anonymous said...

Beautiful...really! This is where I want to go on my honeymoon!

Beth + Raja Gupta said...

Lee- First of all, how did I miss you at the gym that day? Where were you in relation to your dad? Yell louder next time.. jk ;)

Also, I think you may mean The World Islands in Dubai.. we didn't see those, as they're best seen from the air, but we did see the Burj Al Arab, which I think is the hotel you mean. We actually ate dinner at a restaurant that sits beside it, so pics of that soon :)

Casey- I can't believe it's been a year, either! It's been such a whirlwind that it feels like no time has passed. Even Mom didn't realize until I told her.. just goes by so quickly! :)

Mom - I think I will keep him since I get to go places like this ;) ;)

#1 Fan of said...

Beth - can you pleeeaaaassseee hurry and post pictures of the Burj Al Arab and all the other cool places you went to in Dubai? Your fans can't wait to see them!