Monday, September 15, 2008

How could I forget Little Italy??

Post by: Raja
(just kidding.. it's me again, of course, kiddos. You thought you'd lucked up and were going to read some more funny stories from Raja, didnt you? Traitors.....)

I have no idea how I did it, but I somehow forgot to post our Little Italy pictures from Mom & Jenny's visit. Little Italy is quite the favorite of mine, so this is a glaring oversight on my part.. Better late than never, no? :)

So along with Dylan's Candy Bar, Little Italy was the 2nd place I definitely wanted to take Mom & Jenny, no questions asked. There's just something about it... It's always packed with people, the cafes with outdoor dining are so much fun, and there's an energy that never disappoints. So many of the shops and restaurants in the area are tiny, family-owned businesses, and the streets even boast a few authentic Italian grocery stores for the Italian residents that still call Little Italy home.

We picked a restaurant called "Pellegrino's" for our meal, and as usual for Little Italy, it was a great experience. Good food, fun atmosphere, and plenty of sights and sounds.

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