Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fall in the City

Post by: Beth

It finally feels like fall is here in New York, and the weather today and yesterday has been wonderful. I'd been watching the weather and knew Tuesday was forecasted to be the first real "fall-like" day, so I set off yesterday morning ofr Central Park. It's amazing how huge this park is... I jogged and walked for about 2 hours and I am not kidding when I say I didn't see the same thing twice. There are restaurants, food stands, statues, gardens, bridges, a carousel, arches... The list goes on and on, and I saw maybe 1/50th of the attractions during TWO HOURS. It's really an amazing place.

The coolest part to me is that when you're in Central Park, you're completely surrounded by nature, and it's even possible to forget you're in this huge, crazy city. And then just when you least expect it, the treeline dips a bit and you can see enormous skyscrapers soaring above the park, and it's this surreal juxtaposition of city and nature. I tried to take some pictures to give a visual of what I'm talking about.. They don't really do it justice, but hopefully it will give you an idea.

Also from yesterday, I wanted to post some photos of the Thai restaurant at which we ate dinner. I love going out to eat in New York; there are so many different kinds of food available and so many neat restaurants tucked away. Each restaurant is totally different and the designers/owners usually are forced to be really creative since the spaces are sometimes strange shapes or have very high or very low ceilings, etc. Plus, the city just offers so many options in terms of interior design that decorators can get their hands on pretty much anything they want. It makes for some really unique restaurants and cafes, and for me, it's one of the most exiting parts of the city. Last night, we picked "SongKran," which is in the Chelsea area, and about a 15 minute walk away from our home. As usual, fun space and very good food.


Rhonda Walker said...

I want to go to Central Park. =(
Maybe next time. =) Great pics!
I love you, Mom

Jenny said...

I'm so glad you posted some pics of Central Park!!! Since We didn't go there I have a great reason to go bakc!