Friday, September 5, 2008

Dinner with Friends :)

Post by: Beth

Last night, Raja and I had planned to meet up with some friends, Sangita and Gautam, for dinner... It's so much fun to try new restaurants in the city because there's such a variety of food available and the spaces are always different and fun. So I started searching for restaurants close to our house and theirs... Again, used the trusty and found 4 choices: 2 Italian and 2 Thai. Raja narrowed it down to 2, and we sent the final choices off to Sangita and Gautam to they could pick what they liked best. They picked the Thai choice, leaving the Italian behind, and we set the reservation for 7pm so we were all set.

The restaurant of choice was called "Rohm" and is about a 15-20 minute walk from our apartment... very nice night out, so we decided to walk as opposed to a cab or subway. Here I am waiting on the elevator to come up to our floor so we can start our walk to the restaurant.

Once at the restaurant, I didn't take time to take a photo of the outside of the building because we were running a few minutes late and could see Sangita and Gautam in there already, so we didn't want to make them wait any longer. Once inside though, the restaurant was really pretty and the food was great! I ordered Pad Thai and Raja ordered Shrimp Fried Rice, and both were really good... Sangita and Gautam both liked their food as well, so the restaurant seemed to be a good pick. Yey for again!

We sat around and talked for a long time -- so long that by the time we were close to leaving, the majority of diners had come and gone! This is how you know you're in good company -- when you look up and everyone else has left the restaurant and you still aren't ready to go. :) I took some photos of the restaurant but didn't use the flash on every single one because the restaurant was sort of dim and the flash was pretty obnoxious in there, but here's what "Rohm" looks like:

And here is Sangita smiling pretty while Gautam talks about work with Raja. :)

And here are the photos of us just before we left the restaurant:

And on the walk home, here's me in front of (sort of in front of, anyway) the Empire State Building. Yey!!

Another fun night... we loved going to dinner with the two of them, and great weather outside for walking around. Hard to beat that. :)

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Rhett and Jana said...

I just wanted you to know I love reading about your adventures! You crack me up! Keep them coming!