Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The move to New York

Post by: Beth (of course)

Well, we are here in New York and all moved in! The trip here was smooth and unpredictable, luckily, despite some heavy rains in Birmingham from Hurricane Fay. The flight was on time, a quick flight, and the cars were there ready for us to load our luggage in and take us to the apartment. Since we're going straight to India from New York, we had to pack for both locations and a total of 7 months, so we had quite a bit of luggage to haul around. Raja and I were both weighing luggage up to the ounces the night before the flight, taking stuff out, rearranging, and re-weighing. All of our luggage passed the test so we got everything up here with us with no complications. :)
I have yet to take pictures of our new home because we just got all of Raja's things unpacked last night, so those will come soon. I did take pictures on the flight up here and from the taxi on the way to the apartment, so I wanted to post those for now.

Hope everyone is doing well! Keep in touch and let us know how you are :)

Raja waiting at the airport for the plane to begin boarding.

Up and away we go...

The views from the plane as we began the descent.

These nice men were the ones that took us and our luggage to the apartment.

Raja made me turn the flash off before photographing the drivers, but I got some good pictures anyway.

Picture I took from the taxi.

Raja used to work in this building during his 6-month NYC rotation.

More pictures from the taxi.

More to come soon from our home and the area in which we live! :)


Anonymous said...

Beth, thanks for posting these pics. It's really a excellent way to keep informed about little details.I belive, you will be only one from now on to post.
We already miss you both.
love you.

Hershbine Family said...

cool! I laugh at your pictures of raja.. in almost every picture you take of him it is like you say "RAja" and he turns to look either not knowing you are going to take the picture or thinking "great here she goes again." He makes me smile...

Rhonda Walker said...

Yay, I have my ticket and I can't wait to get there. There are already ladies at VHELP that want me to do their Christmas shopping on the streets up there for the kids. I love spending other peoples money. Are you up for the challenge? See ya soon!
I love ya, Mom