Thursday, July 31, 2008

Mom really did visit!!

Post by: Beth

So I got to do our visitors' post last night, but since Mom was always beind the camera, she's never in any of the pictures! I wanted to take the time to post some of what SHE'S been doing too, even when she's not around us here in St. Louis. :) She and Dad recently got to take a trip to Hilton Head for a mini-vacation, and as most of you know, she's pretty spontaneous. I called her to see how the drive was going, and she'd decided they were going to stop in Savannah to eat at Paula Deen's restaurant! I was really excited for them, and told them to call me immediately after they left so they could tell me all about it. Mom said it was wonderful food with amazing desserts and a fun atmosphere. They took a couple of pictures at the restaurant.. one of Mom with a cardboard Paula Deen cutout that makes me laugh everytime I look at it. Here they are during lunch with "Paula!" ;)

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