Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Indian Festivities

Post by: Beth & Raja

Hi everyone! More pictures have arrived and we are so excited to post them.. as usual.. :) There are some really great shots in our "Indian festivities," and we love the work Erin & Corey did. I am SO eager to get some of these and frame them.. They always take pictures of the most interesting things, and we're so happy to play guinea-pig for them as they try out new things. They have such creative ideas and when they push the envelope and try them out, the pictures turn out amazing.
Feel free to take a look and we hope you enjoy! :)
Beth & Raja



Emma - (CLO) said...

Absolutely beautiful pics. they capture such interesting and magnificient details..

Emma xxxx (CLO)

Anonymous said...

Beth and Raja;
The wedding and reception video as well as the Ladies Sangeet video was very interesting. I thought everything was beautiful. You guys make a beautiful couple. I wish you all the best in this life.
Betty Lightsey
and my friend-Alexia-who saw it with Betty.